Eliminate the fixed costs, rent, equipment and utilities of running your own commercial kitchen. Our affordable commercial kitchen rental rates by the hour allow you to focus on your business without any risk.

Core Communal Kitchen is more than a rental space – we are building a community of “foodpreneurs” and a place where you can connect, collaborate and innovate.

Alternatively referred to as a kitchen incubator, cooperative kitchen, commissary kitchen, or test kitchen, Core Communal Kitchen provides a fully equipped, commercially licensed shared-use kitchen available for rent by the hour. We’ve taken the considerable financial risk of opening and operating a commercial kitchen and reduced it to a fixed cost on which to base your business plans. Plus, our hourly rates and monthly mean you only pay for what you use, removing the burden of long leases from young businesses. You can start with us, grow with us, and when the time is right, move from our kitchen into your own.

We are true lovers of food and our passion has led us to create a space where like-minded culinary entrepreneurs can turn their dreams into reality.

Core Communal Kitchen aims to become an integral part of the Langley and Greater Vancouver Area food community by creating a space for the community to learn, and expand their passion for local food.

Our vision is to create an inclusive, collaborative environment where anyone with a passion for food, can get access to the tools and support they need to succeed in their business.

Core Communal Kitchen empowers culinary entrepreneurs to grow their business by providing a turn key commercial kitchen. Core Communal members are offered a low cost & a low risk option to turn their culinary dreams into reality

• Chefs

• Bakers

• Food Truck Operators

• Farmers Market Vendors

• Food Product Entrepreneurs

• Established Restaurants

• Culinary Instructors

• Food Content Producers (video & photography)

• Delivery Only Concepts (ghost/cloud kitchens)

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